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Innovate, Simply


There’s an
amount of ways to innovate, creating complexity

And the need to go fast

can be paralyzing

Imagine if we slowed down for a minute and were just PRESENT with the problem

An innovation process is extremely important, but don't overthink it!

Before you execute. Take a breath. Think about your innovation objective. The real problem you are going to solve and who you are going to involve in the process.

Meditation can help to visualize each step along the way to make sure that every decision is thoughtfully laid out with the customer, employee and company in mind.


Matt Mueller

Matt Mueller is a columnist for InnoLead helping corporate leaders effectively execute and structure their insights & innovation efforts allowing them to make impactful change.

Matt believes every person can create massive impactful change. But fear of failure and complexity around the vast number of philosophies on the topic of innovation rule. And the complexity of it intimidates and dampens the courage and the voices of many.

It reminded Matt of the feeling of being overwhelmed by the constant use of smartphones and the inability to concentrate. Mindfulness worked well for drowning out the noise from cellphones allowing us to be in the moment.

Can Mindfulness help us create innovative change?